Thursday, December 07, 2006

some recent events

hey, i think the scroll thing is working...anyway, wanted to say i had a great time playing with Akim Funk Buddha at BAM Cafe a couple weeks ago, we tore the roof off while Jay-Z was rockin in the next room. Also had a great time playing with Fabulous Entourage at the Annex. We, again, tore the place down, also Sxip and I played, and played a follow-up set at Earl Dax's event at The Delancey later that night. Sxip just hired me to do the beats for his soundtrack to "Marsupial Girl," a terrifc children's production in Minnesota next year. Still getting great feedback on my murals at the Staten Island Children's Museum, where I work. Pics to come....went up to Cornell to keep workshopping BEATBOX BARD, it's really taking shape, and has been a blast to work on so far. Shot a video in an undisclosed Manhattan landmark building for my piece, MAKESHIFT. The footage came out really nice, it features Sarah Locke of Alchemy Dance, moving, while I lay down beats, and was shot by filmmaker, and fellow Stuy grad, Althea Wasow, and video artist, Kleoni Moussakis. You should defintiely check out both of their work. Althea just screened a recent short in Puerto Rico. Tore yet another roof off at Joes Pub on Dec. 3rd with Sxip, at his solo CD release party. Got to play with him, as well as Michael Farkas, uber multi talented at harmonica, as well as various ragtime household objects. Finally, got to play with Nicholas Naylor-Leyland, with slammin guitarist Eric (???) and virtuosic Michael Leonhart, we did a gig at Rockwood and rocked the joint. Keep in touch, y'all, lots of fun to be had with the infinite potential of vocal percussion...

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