Wednesday, August 29, 2007

End of August Updates

1.)I'm currently an artist in residence at Cornell University's Risley Hall. I am providing programming for the students who live here, based around music, performance and visual art. I'm starting up a bi-weekly music series, with guest artists and open to the university community and local musicians.

2.)I'm currently beatboxing for as many as 6 or 7 dance classes a week here at Cornell. I'm the accompanist for technique, improv and hip hop classes. I'm mostly the only accompanist in the class, providing beats and soundscapes for the whole session.

3.) I am recording a new album, in fact, I already have a number of songs done, I am hoping to add at least one more new track. I am still in the process of getting feedback about the CD, but I'm pretty excited about it. I am hoping to have it done by October, and hope to schedule a CD-Release party sometime late this year, or early next year.

4.) I am performing at the Recycle Plays Festival, September 15th. I will be doing beatboxing, bike drawing performance art and bike wheel sound sculpture performance. My piece is about how the peak oil trend is like the story of Icarus, and my theme is "sacrifice your car(for a bicycle instead)."

5.) I am participating in the launch of The start up company videotaped my friends and I jamming at a sweet studio, and will be including our video in their main launch campaign. This project is expected to launch in September, and is expected to draw quite a few people. Big up to DJ Tikka Masala for this one.

6.) Joe's Pub, with Sxip Shirey, September 17th. Not to be missed!

Stay in touch!

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