Thursday, November 22, 2007


Dear Friends and Fam,

Happy Thanksgiving, hope you and yours are safe and hearty!

I am performing with the Cornell Chamber Orchestra, Dec. 2nd, at Cornell's 1000-odd-seat Bailey Hall. I am performing a piece composed specifically for me and the strings, by composer, Paul Leary, Professor at Denison University and Duke University Graduate Student, conducted by Chris Kim.

I am doing the last(this semester) in a series of experimental and improvised music sessions called "Cat and Mouth," here at Risley Hall, Cornell Unviersity. I've had awesome guests, including Hank Roberts, Julie Carney, Tim Feeney, and Eyal Maoz(Tzadik). The next and last one, Nov. 30th, will feature Pete Gerakaris and Jon Price, from the Woozyfly sessions:

Speaking of video, I've put up a clip of my experiments with beatbox, and my new instrument, the theremin, as well as my bike wheel, and samples. Check it out:

Still beatboxing for seven dance classes/week at the Dance department. Next week is our last week of classes(already!).

Stay in touch,


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