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"Axis of Equals," April 12th, 2008

"Axis of Equals"
A Festival of Middle Eastern and Jewish Music..with an urban edge
A festival of live music and dance, presenting artists who create, compose and dance to music that combines Middle Eastern and/or Jewish influences with a sensibility that is edgy and urban.
The festival is intended to captivate the Cornell and local Ithaca community, offering a vision of various cultures and textures, integrated through musical collaboration and invention. The musicians involved create powerful, moving music that combines an ear for traditional sounds, as well as a hunger for modern beat-driven music. The program will offer sounds that satisfy a yearning for pop-style grooves, but with echoes of ancient musical forms. The festival is intended to present sounds from both the Arab and Jewish worlds, the new and the old, the catchy and the eclectic.
The event will be co-sponsored by Cornell Middle Eastern BellyDance Events, who are inviting "fusion" belly dance groups, Willow and Kassar, from New York City, as well as Cornell group, Teszia, and Chandani, a local, traditional belly dance troupe. Their performances will be interlaced with the music acts throughout the evening. The organization will also be conducting Middle Eastern dance workshops from 11- 6pm at the Big Red Barn. See Middle Eastern BellyDance for more info!
The festival will demonstrate numerous musical forms. Pharaoh's Daughter, led by Basya Schecter, combines traditional Jewish melodies and tones with modern jazz, rock and urban groove, creating an uplifting and communal sentiment in the audience. Haale draws her influences from Persian Sufi music, combined with a pop/rock sensibility and provides a captivating, hypnotic performance. The Cornell Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Music Ensemble will present music accompanied by Risley Hall Artist in Resident and beatboxer, Adam Matta. The night will open up into an exploration of funk and hip hop, with Adam Matta, joined by musicians from all the bands, in the spirit of improvisation and collaboration.
Pharaohs Daughter
Adam Matta
Date: Saturday, April 12, 2008
Location: Risley Hall, Great Hall
Doors at 7 pm, show at 8 pm
The event is co-sponsored by Cornell Council for the Arts, Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts, Holland International Living Center, Cornell Hillel: The Yudowitz Center for Jewish Campus Life, Near Eastern Studies, Schwartz Center, Department of Theater, Film and Dance, Institute for European Studies, Mediterranean Initiative, Just About Music, Residential Programs, Community Centers, Residential Student Congress, Africana, GPSAFC, Hasbrouck and Cornell Middle Eastern BellyDance Events.

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