Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sept. updates

Hey crew,

What's good? Writing with news for mid-September.

-Been hard at work on a new solo CD, "Only Child Syndrome," and it is minutes away from being available on line. It features 12 original songs, with different guest artists, solo ventures and a live track. Please contact me for an advanced copy. I am especially interested in anyone wishing to review it for blog or publication.

-I am returning to Cornell University for another semester as an artist in residence, still working on programs at Risley Hall and other projects on campus and in Ithaca. Last night was a great time playing with cellist Hank Roberts who was my guest artist at "Cat and Mouth," my series at Risley.

-Also an artist in residence this month at LEMUR --League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots. In this collaboration, I will be able to improvise with, and "teach" a beat to, an outfit of musical robots, to be performed October 9th, in Brooklyn, and also Oct. 17-18 in Trondheim, Norway (

-Been recording for different groups in and around the tri-state.

-Had an amazing time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, performing with Sxip Shirey and numerous other talented characters...

-Had a great (but short) run of In Transit at the York Theater--many thanks to them, and to the writers and cast.... for info and photos of this great project, check out BroadwayWorld.

-Did some great shows with Michael Leonhart, Maria Millar and Kilterclash , and Beatboxer Entertainment

-Been jamming with Jonny Wilson and Eclectic Method, they make these mind-boggling REAL-TIME video mashups, realized live on stage, as well as in the studio...e.g....

check out for more of their work...

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