Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ithaca Updates

The play, Beatbox Bard, is going excellent. We've been written up in all the local papers, ( i.e.,, We got a review in the Ithaca Journal(, thanks to all the local papers and journalists who have been interested in our show, and in beatboxing in general.
Have been having a great time chilling with Cornell students and faculty. Went to Ithaca College to perform for a Recording Techniques seminar, visited two local elementary schools and performed for over a couple hundred kids, got to sing/beatbox a medley of songs with Fall Creek Elementary, beatboxed for Jim Self's and Jumay (??)'s dance classes here at Cornell, improvising beats for an Explorations and an Advanced Modern class. Last night, Cornell beatboxer and Chem Major, Bennett Fox, had a party at his house, and bluegrass band, the Howling Brothers, showed up, and we jammed together, tearing the low basement roof off the sucka. All in all, Cornell's been a great haul. Two more shows tonight and tomorrow, then it's back to NYC for a gig with Sxip Shirey at Tonic, Feb. 13th. Then it's down south for a series of gigs. In addition to MMC 11, and Exploris Museum, I've been asked to appear on a panel about entreprenurialship at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. Looking forward to that, and to reconnecting with vocal artist, Lynn Book, an old teacher of mine. Then, I'm actually coming back to Ithaca, I've been asked to beatbox for Open Portal, a major dance presentation featuring a wide variety of styles, here at Cornell. So, I'm coming back to good ol Ithaca. More soon, stay in touch.

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