Monday, February 12, 2007

more on ithaca and updates

Wanted to let you all know about Bara Sapir's work, check out and I appear on her latest CD project, a test prep music-based study guide.
Ithaca was dope, went out with a bang, Saturday, we had a show in the afternoon, a show at 8(which got a standing ovation), then I went downtown to play an hour improv set with the unbelieveable Bora Yoon(got to meet some awesome Ithaca folks), then went back up to campus for our cast party, where I played for another two hours on Phil's Loop Station, bumping all kinds of beats with Molly, Bennett, Evan and Phil that everyone danced to until the wee hours. Then a show on Sunday. Then a chill cast party at Bruce's house, then a mellow, really fun hang at Bora's friend's family's house for a nice way to wind down a great month in Ithaca. I'm looking forward to going back March 1st to get started on Jim Self's multi-genre dance performance.
Peace y'all, stay warm.

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