Monday, February 26, 2007


"Matta is the soul of ['Beatbox Bard'], and because his mic covers his face throughout, we only see his impassive almond eyes and his quiet, rhythmic physical presence — until the curtain call, when the mic drops and the person behind the performer breaks through. With throat, tongue, voice and breath he creates not just beatbox rhythms (an urban tradition already a quarter-century old), underscoring or counterpointing the play's action, but an entire soundscape."--Ithaca Journal

"...his ability to remix his own voice is remarkable, at first singing over a synced beat and then slowing it down, speeding it up, dubbing, scratching, even using the layrngeal equivalent of a wah-wah pedal. He's wonderful to watch in these moments, right hand on the mic, left hand flailing in time, drops of spit and sweat flying off him. He must get terribly dehydrated..." -- The Village Voice

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